Thursday, November 09, 2006

black flats

okay, it's my turn to seek some 'personal shopping' help from my readers. are you up to the task?

i need a new pair of black flats. i want something casual - something i can throw on with jeans, that i won't be (too) worried about scuffing up, but that still looks stylish. and they also have to be relatively comfortable, without going into the 'athletic shoe lookalike' realm.

here are a few i've found - i'd love to hear what you think, or see other suggestions you might have. but please, please, don't show me unless they're available in an need for torture!

option one:

option two (courtesy of thedailyobsession):

option three:

option four:

option five:

i realize a lot of these are similar, but hey, my taste is usually pretty predictable :) anyone have preferences, or other ideas??