Friday, November 17, 2006

item of the day: t.anthony town & country tote

this gorgeous tote bag was recently voted the best tote bag money can buy, according to a magazine whose name escapes me just now (running a close second to the ll bean "boat & tote" bag). it won because it's seriously durable, holds absolutely everything, and is more than stylish enough to compete with a lot of the high-end bags there. now true, it's not cheap at nearly $300...but there are stories of t. anthony customers who've had their bags for 60 years. convert that into a cost-per-wear scenario, and it's the best deal in town. it's just the thing for those long days of holiday shopping, when you know you're going to need provisions (water, spare shoes, and a granola bar). and, it'll be the perfect carry-on for any holiday traveling needs.

available in 4 great color combos (i like the black and white or the blue/burgundy best)....pick one up here.