Thursday, July 03, 2008

happy long weekend!

(sorry...sacrilege perhaps, but i so could not resist this picture. that's a wedding dress, by the case you were wondering.)

dear readers, i'm taking a much-needed long weekend to recharge. but, if the powers that be (ie, my darling hubs) smile upon us, i'll have a lovely surprise next week!

in lieu of my regularly eloquent posts (ha!), check out the new feature to your left (right there under those annoying ads that, sadly, pay the bills). i'll let you know whenever i find someone else's opinion out there in blogland utterly fantastic. happens more often than you'd think!

and if you're still hungry for more, jonathan adler came up with the best nod to patriotism i've heard lately...check it out here.

so, have a lovely weekend - rest much, drink much, and save the shopping for monday!