Wednesday, July 02, 2008

deal of the day: regents secret

i know, the sample sale sites are everywhere now. but truth be told, i'm glad they're there...i get a little sick of bluefly being my only option for great deals on designers goods, and honestly, even they've been lagging lately.

regent's secret is the newest incarnation, and they have a style all their own. for my readers that eschew the more preppy, styles you can rely on from hautelook, and can't afford the high-end couture at gilt, even at sample sale prices, regent's secret offers sample sales for the cool kids.

this week, you can hook your other half up with some style at the frankie b. sale that starts tonight at midnight - i'm anxiously awaiting this opportunity to make my hubs even cuter than normal.

or, hang on to your wallet until monday, and pick up some of the darling, tattoo-inspired wares from SMET.

hold out even longer, and you'll be able to score some ultra-cool cavalli sunglasses on the 10th. that's the one i'm saving up for!

to get signed up, make sure you head over to regent's secret via the links here, and then you can just enter my email addy - shoppingsmycardio at - to bypass that whole 'invite-only' madness.