Wednesday, July 02, 2008

designer of the day: peggy li jewelry

for all of the time that i spend shopping (and trust me, it's a lot), i rarely come across a jewelry designer that gets me really excited. i see a lot of "oh, isn't that cute," or "if only i could afford that", but it's rare for me to really fall hard for a jewelry line. so when i find a designer whose pieces are stylish, well-made, unique, gorgeous, and affordable...well, i have to sing their praises.

the lovely peggy li is my latest find, and i couldn't be happier. all of her designs are delicate, stylish, impeccably made, and impossibly affordable.

i've been wearing her gorgeous 'diamonds in the rough' necklace nonstop since it arrived, and people literally stop me on the street when i'm wearing it. i adore the organic shape of those raw diamond beads, and their unusual chocolate brown color. and the chain is this impossibly lacy, delicate link chain...details i would expect from a truly high end designer. in a million years, you'd never guess it was only $65.

another piece i just love is her rudilated quartz spy pendant. it just looks like something you got in some fabulously overpriced antique store, or better yet, in the jewelry department at barney's. the chain has fabulous detailing, and the stone on that's just such a fantastic statement piece. oh, and did i mention you can order her necklaces in a range of lengths? just makes me love her even more!

and i was just coveting a pair of earrings almost exactly like these brushed gold ovals for an entire episode of gossip girl - how exciting to find them on peggy's site...for under $50! once again, the detail on these is what makes them really special. that gorgeous brushed gold detail, the wire wrap at the top to add texture - they're just perfect.

best of all, the designer is just about as sweet as can be - and i always love buying from designers that are still as involved in their product as she is. every piece is still made by hand, by her...and it shows.

head over to peggy's website, and i think you'll enjoy getting lost in her world as much i did!