Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what you should want today: handbag hangers by simply sarah

i received an email today from designer sarah shaw, which remimded me that i had promised L once upon a time that i would blog about this fabulous little contraption i have hanging in my closet. it's called a handbag hanger, and it's simplicity at its finest. composed of a long strip of fabric, broken up by flaps that snap together to make holders, these darling little hangers will manage to contain and organize all of the bags you have lying around your house. and you only need about 12" of space to do it! i have mine hanging from the door of a coat closet, and it's a lifesaver (or at least a shelf-saver - i got a whole closet back when i bought this)!

they run $30, and come in a bevy of darling fabrics. my favorites are the paris noir and cherry blossom designs. pick yours up now, and you'll get free shipping if you order by friday (4/13) with code taxbreak. happy shopping!

PS - these are also the perfect fit for baseball caps, in case you have a significant other who can't seem to keep his hats all in one place. i think i might have to order one of these for my hubs...but i'm thinking x-nay on the cherry blossom pattern for this one :)