Thursday, April 12, 2007

what i want today: apple skirt by hannah

really, do i have to say anything else?? i think this cutie just speaks for itself. i want to wear it to work with a cardigan, and out for after-work cocktails (appletini, perhaps?) on a patio somewhere. all it needs is a cute little pair of white flipflops, and you're set! oh yeah, and did you notice that some of the apples have worms? so cute, i'm speechless. and, i'm on a quest for more skirts (less shorts) this spring, so i think this little cutie is coming to my house in the near future!

$68 at made with love by hannah, who actually does make these by hand, with love (and, apparently, with her grandmother, which is the cutest thing ever). and free shipping besides...we all know how i love that!