Monday, June 12, 2006

words cannot begin.....

warning...tirade about to commence

recently, the hubs talked me into upgrading our satellite dish to the "extra channels" package...ostensibly because he wanted the 'national geographic' channel. great, whatever - you can have all the 'dog whisperer' you can handle. as we're surfing through our new and improved (?) channel guide, i came across this:

oh, it's real. it's an actual show, on an actual (albeit not terribly famous) cable network.

and just in case i thought i was the only one, there's an article on their home page, aptly titled "what the %&!*? is pants-off-dance-off?".

if that's not disturbing enough, the woman whose 'performance' we stumbled across was a MOTHER OF FIVE. and we can't figure out why kids these days are so screwed up.

i need a drink.