Friday, June 16, 2006

sticking it to the man...

well, i won my tax case! very exciting. i wasn't even supposed to find out for another 60 days, but apparently, i rock enough that the judge actually said to the IRS attorney after we'd finished arguing the case: "i'm sorry, but i just don't understand your position. it sounds to me like [insert my argument from my case here]." he then proceeded to "strongly recommend" to the IRS that they request a recess to discuss a settlement with me.

BOO-YAH!!!! (hmm...yep, still too white to get away with saying that)

so anyway, after much hemming & hawing (which i found baffling, given that the judge had basically just told them they were going to lose), they conceded.

i might have even felt bad for the other attorney, too, if she hadn't been such a complete witch from day one....honestly, i swear she was taking it personally that i had claimed these deductions. i think she was just bitter because i'm cuter than her. apparently, my mom tried to thank her as we left, and the attorney wouldn't even speak to her.....HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!

in the words of mick jagger and my favorite uncle, "Under my thumb/The girl who once pushed me around....the change has come/She's under my thumb"