Wednesday, June 21, 2006

santa fe.....are you you swear you won't forget me.....

LOL - you get 10 points if you can tell me where this post's title comes from.

i'm in santa fe today - a 24-hour trip to meet with the friends & family of a client who passed away last month. it's the saddest part of my job, really....i love being able to help people, especially when they're facing a terminal illness or something else. but it's really hard to get close with a client and then lose them - especially when you have to spend all this time with their loved ones, and basically hold their hands while they cry about their loss. very depressing.

plus (on a less depressing note), it's DAMN hot here. 100+ today...yuck. pretty cool place to visit, though. i'd never been to new mexico - it looks just like i expected it to, though. in fact, i was expecting less adobe & red clay....i figured it was just one of those exaggerations you hear, like how everyone in texas wears a cowboy hat (or is that one true as well?). but seriously - almost every house i saw was adobe. weird.

can't wait to get home.