Monday, June 19, 2006

no way, stuff!

so how exciting is this? a couple of months ago, i saw these lovelies in a magazine and decided to order them.

lucky me, they were on sale. not lucky for me, it turned out they were completely out of my size. woe was me. so i emailed back and told them to please keep me on some sort of waiting list, and if they were to re-stock them, to let me know because i still really liked them.

well, today, i got an email from the president of the company, thanking me for my loyalty and offering me ANY shoe they make...for free! yes, really! talk about a kid in a candy store :) fortunately, they only make a few styles that i really like, so i finally settled on these very businesslike and grown-up heels:

how exciting! i feel like my shoe karma has really come full-circle :)